Contents of the issue No. 37

In the current issue of anders-Heft No. 37 you will find an article by Stephan Thiele on Little Richard, by Dirk Blothner on the spiritual friendship between Alfred Hitchcock and Wilhelm Salber, by Wolfram Domke on the door as a soul mechanism and by Georg Brinkmann on the hit The Capri-Fishermen. Additionally we print an early text by Wilhelm Salber about the factual, shortened by Wolfram Domke:

Stephan Thiele
Tutti Frutti: Fake and promise

Dirk Blothner
Hitchcock and Salber - A Friendship in Spirit?

Tungsten Domke
The door as a soul mechanism

William Salber
Opportunities and limitations of the factual

Georg Brinkmann
When the sun goes down - Shoals of pop music (On the effect of the Capri fishermen and their metamorphoses)

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