Decidedly Psychological -The view of the Wilhelm Salber

A documentary film by Christiane Büchner

Wilhelm Salber Docu

The documentary film by Christiane Büchner takes a sensitive look at the private sides of the important German psychologist Wilhelm Salber. Moreover, he presents the psychological morphology he developed in contributions by his students. With an extensive walk through Salber's private house, not only his art collection but also his own drawings and paintings are presented to the public for the first time. Contemporary witnesses such as Linde Salber, Daniel Salber, Stephan Grünewald, Herbert Fitzek, Wolfram Domke, Gabriele Klaes-Rauch, Friedrich Wolfram Heubach and Dirk Blothner represent research areas of the psychologist who died in 2016. These include Sigmund Freud, art, culture, media, everyday life and metapsychology. A fascinating film about Wilhelm Salber's decidedly psychological view of reality. A touching reflection of his work and life in the contributions of his students.

A film by Christiane Büchner

Image design: Marie Zahir

Assembly: Stefan Oliveira-Pita, Christiane Büchner

Sound: Martin Paret

Composition: Natalia Domínguez Rangel

Sound design: Marilyn Janssen

Color grading: Fabiana Cardalda

Graphic design: Sanna Nübold

Expert advice: Prof. Dr. Dirk Blothner

A production of Lime tree Salber, Stephan Grünewald, Daniel Salber, Christiane Büchner

and the Wilhelm Salber Gesellschaft e.V.