Here you can watch the video of Ines Imdahl's talk on January 11, 2021 at the Wilhelm Salber Library: "On the soul functions of YouTube - and other social media".

With her lecture, Ms. Imdahl led the participants of the ZOOM meeting through the variety of forms of expression that users of new, digital platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok have developed in recent years. It was about funny video clips and instructive YouTube tutorials, but also "memes", "short cuts", "hauls" and "reactions". These are quick and usually funny reconstructions, stretches and compressions of either other online material or moments from everyday life. Many users today seem to be focused on watching such clips and, from their perspective, reject the comparatively leisurely entertainment forms of the adult generation. Ms. Imdahl not only gave a vivid impression of these forms of expression, but also offered psychological models of effect to understand them to some extent. This time we also reproduce the discussion after the lecture.