Portrait of the WSG member Hubert Lieverscheidt. On September 14, 2020 he will give a lecture on "Digitalization and Soul Image" at the Wilhelm Salber Library

Hubert Lieverscheidt completed his studies of psychology at the University of Cologne and graduated in 1977. Later he trained there in Analytical Intensive Counseling. This was followed by psychological and psychotherapeutic practice in various fields of application. At the same time, he was a member of the NRW state board of the Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP) and a founding member of the "Association of Psychological Psychotherapists (VPP)", which represented the connection between psychotherapy and psychology. Mr. Lieverscheidt was also a lecturer at the West German and German Psychology Academy ( 1990 -1997). His particular areas of interest include the image of psychology and psychologists in the public sphere, transformation of psychological psychotherapy into political concepts, public works in the media age. Retired in 2014, Mr. Lieverscheidt is now working on the project "Public Psychology". He describes this as his "personal hobby".

Mr Lieverscheidt, what do you wish for the future of the WSG?
I would like to see the WSG move into the public sphere and from there to have a strong repercussion for an internal revival as well.

Which area or phenomenon of human life should be morphologically investigated?
The public reality of life as the now determining unit of action for people.

Through which points of contact did you get to know the psychological morphology?
About my scientific studies and my morphological training as a very fundamental and unwavering view of psychology.

Which psychological book do you use from time to time?
Clearly in the first place: "Soul Revolution" by W. Salber as a work that on the one hand reflects in its interpretations an overall picture of the developments of Salber's morphology, and on the other hand represents the possibilities of a consistent psychological interpretation of the reality of people's lives from a real soul picture.

Which country would you like to visit one day?
Chile and its different climate zones.

Gestalt and transformation is the central primal phenomenon of psychological morphology: into whom or what would you like to transform yourself for a day?
Into a whale. Whales move in the depth and breadth of the oceans, are carried and moved by the ocean currents. And for all their size and weight, they have a playful lightness.

Herr Lieverscheidt, thank you for your answers.