Prof. Armin Schulte presents the morphologically oriented study courses at the Businessschool Berlin. He not only gives an insight into the history of the university, but also draws a lively picture of its current operations.

The Business School Berlin (BSP) is a private management university with state recognition and accredited bachelor and master programmes, which has also been accredited by the German Science Council since summer 2017. Originally founded and located in Potsdam in 2010 - the move to Berlin took place in 2004 - BSP has been offering a Bachelor's programme in Business Psychology who was initially employed by Herbert Fitzek and Armin Schulte for the University of Management and Communication (UMC) in Potsdam, where it has been offered since 2006 and then modified for BSP and further developed within the framework of the required (re-)accreditation.

Until the winter semester 2017/18 there will be - with the start of both summer and winter semesters - 19 'classes' in the Bachelor's programme, from 2012 the range of courses offered in the Department Business Psychology successively expanded by three master programs: Business Psychology (Focus: Human resources and organisational development; Head: Prof. Dr. Herbert Fitzek; Start: WS 2012), Sports Psychology (Head: Prof. Dr. Andreas Marlovits; WS 2013) and Media Psychology (Head: Prof. Armin Schulte; WS 2013)

Since 2014, BSP has also been offering further training in the following areas under the direction of Prof. Dr. Daniel Salber Intensive analytical consulting whose first phase has been integrated into the Master's programs since WS 2016 and whose second phase can be completed as a certificate program.

Study programmes
The curriculum of the Bachelor programme Business Psychology (Head of the programme: Prof. Armin Schulte) corresponds - apart from the length of the programme (6 semesters) - to the Diplom programme in its basic features Psychology at the time of the Psychological Institute II (Chair 1) in so far as the Business Psychology at the GNP in its broad spectrum of possible applications in the fields of market and consumption (marketing), communication, media, human resources and organisational development (corporate culture), everyday life and culture analysis is offered in roughly equal parts within the framework of two psychological views: on the one hand, in the form of the usual mainstream psychology (with the usual modules in general, differential and social psychology etc.), and on the other hand, in the form of a "mainstream psychology" (with the usual modules in general, differential and social psychology etc.).On the other hand in a consistent cultural psychological-morphological foundation; the latter orientation, also thanks to its unique position and uniqueness in the German-speaking world, forms the distinctive focus of economic psychology at BSP.

In a slightly modified way, the Bachelor's programme Business Psychology since 2015 also offered and carried out at the BSP campus in Hamburg.

The training in methodology, which extends throughout the entire course of studies, includes both quantitative methodology and a differentiated training in morphological methodology - also written as a focus - via individual modules in description (experience protocols), survey procedures (in-depth interviews/group discussions) as well as analysis and evaluation (version walk).

Both psychological views are firmly anchored (i.e. not [deselectable]) in the curriculum of the bachelor's programme in business psychology. We recommend our students to decide in the course of their studies on one of the two (basic) views in order to then also write their Bachelor thesis according to either a quantitative or morphological methodology. On average, about half to two-thirds of the students choose to write a morphological thesis.

In the three Master's programmes, too, BSP offers the respective application (personnel/organisation, media, sport) in a format and manner (4 semesters) adapted to the Master's degree, both in a natural science-oriented orientation and in a cultural psychological-morphological perspective - whereby the latter, like the Bachelor's, constitutes the main focus and special feature of business psychology at BSP.

At present (winter semester 2017/18), about 20 morphologically trained colleagues are teaching the Bachelor's programme Business Psychology and the three master's degree programs, five of which are professors: Professor Dr. Herbert Fitzek (Chair of Business and Cultural Psychology), Prof. Dr. Andreas Marlovits (Sports Psychology), Prof. Dr. Christoph B. Melchers (Business Psychology), Prof. Dr. Daniel Salber (Media Psychology) and Prof. Armin Schulte (Business Psychology). Currently, about 450 students are enrolled in all courses of study in the Department of Business Psychology and more than 500 have successfully completed their studies in all courses of study offered since the establishment of BSP.

For more details and further information on GNP, the courses of study and their curricula, see this link.