Here you can watch the video of Thomas Pohne's lecture on November 9th, 2020 in the Wilhelm Salber Library: Is winter coming? Some thoughts about the TV series "Game of Thrones

Due to the ongoing contact restrictions in connection with the Corona pandemic, Mr. Pohne's presentation was held as a ZOOM meeting.

Mr. Pohne first presented the diverse reactions and interpretative approaches and then the plot and dramaturgy of the TV series "Game of Thrones". He then went on to give descriptions of the experience of the series, which he had developed in discussions with viewers. He came to the conclusion that the series - in analogy to plays by William Shakespeare - makes human life tangible as an unavailable context in which all intentions are reversed and deviate from the original plan. In the discussion that followed, the intense physicality of the series' effect was one of the issues addressed.

The next lecture in the Wilhelm Salber Library: Werner Pohlmann on the gradual processing of thoughts while interpreting in psychological treatment on December 14, 2020