Watch the video with the lecture of Dr. Norbert Endres "What morphology likes about C.G. Jung's psychology".

Dr. Norbert Endres, former Academic Senior Councillor at the Psychological Institute of the University of Cologne and co-publisher of the Festschrift for Wilhelm Salber as well as the work edition "Psychological Morphology", was a guest in the Wilhelm Salber Library on January 13, 2020. In a very moving and descriptive lecture he presented the life of C.G. Jung, dealt with his concept of the collective unconscious and put his basic ideas in relation to the psychological morphology of Wilhelm Salber. A presentation of C.G. Jung's interpretation of the Job story was rounded off with illuminating thoughts from the lecturer. The discussion that developed from the paper illuminated further aspects of Jung's psychology and led to an in-depth comparison with the Psychological Morphology.