In the spring, the WSG Board of Directors will renovate the gatehouse of the Siemens Villa (headquarters of BSP Business School Berlin) and also carry out further training there

The gatehouse seen from the university

After the WSG's general meeting on 20 September 2019 had decided not only to elect a new board of directors but also to establish a second forum in Berlin - besides Cologne - the question arose where the WSG could have its seat in Berlin. In agreement with the management of the BSP Business School Berlin it has now been agreed that the WSG will be provided with a room in the gatehouse of the Siemens Villa (headquarters of the BSP), in which further training and other meetings or conferences can take place, and also a library can be set up, in which morphological literature and publications (as comprehensive as possible) can be collected and in the course of time - for availability beyond a presence library - digitized.

The gatehouse is located on the grounds of the BSP campus. It is also a separate building from the main house of the villa (see photos by Susanne Bartnick), so that the proximity and independence of the WSG are both given and preserved. A separate sign of the WSG at the entrance to the gatehouse is planned.

Larger seminars or events can be booked in the main building or in the so-called 'concert hall' with over 300 seats. And since the BSP of the WSG is providing the space in the gatehouse rent-free until further notice, special thanks are due to the managing director of the BSP, Ilona Renken-Olthoff.

Information about the gatehouse of the Siemens Villa you can find here.


The gatehouse seen from the park