Armin Schulte, 1st chairman of the WSG and professor at the BSP-Berlin, has announced that the journal for morphological psychology Zwischenschritte will be resumed and published as an online journal in 2021.

The journal Zwischenschritte - Contributions to a morphological psychology - was founded in 1982 by Armin Schulte. It was published in Cologne until 2006 and served as a publication organ for morphological texts and treatises. Now Armin Schulte has announced that the journal will be continued from Berlin as an online periodical. He has put together a seven-member team of editors and staff, which will immediately accept suitable texts for publication.

In order to put the financing of the online platform for the journal on a secure footing, Mr. Schulte has developed a model with which interested colleagues can support the development of the journal. In a nutshell: Whoever wants to donate for the reconstruction of the journal is allowed to purchase available issues of the Zwischenschritte - so real notebooks and books - and gets them sent to you.

Armin Schulte asks for financial support In this PDF Armin Schulte explains the individual steps of the donation procedure.

Complete register of intermediate steps 1982-2011 plus overview of topic areas and topic packages This PDF contains a complete list of the issues of the Zwischenschritte from 1982 to 2006.