Björn Zwingmann has published the book "Begegnung mit dem Ungeheuren - Selbsterfahrungsprozesse mit Goyas Schwarzen Bildern" (Encounter with the monster - processes of self-awareness with Goya's Black Images) by HPB University Press Verlag. The author is professor for media psychology at the BSP-Berlin and gave a lecture at the "Gespräche in der Wilhelm Salber Bibliothek" this year.

Portrait Björn ZwingmannIs it possible to scientifically describe the effect of works of art and even use them for psychological treatment? This question was examined here using six of Goya's Black Pictures as examples. Their effect was ascertained through a total of 56 in-depth interviews and reconstructed using the theory of psychological morphology. It was shown that it is possible to initiate deepened processes of self-awareness by looking at and describing the pictures. The core themes and typical variants of these processes were specified and can provide orientation for future self-awareness processes (art coaching). Goya's paintings can help the viewers to better understand their own obsessions by functioning like a "vaccination with the monster".

The book (320 pages) is available in bookshops for € 24.80 or can be ordered directly from the publisher. To order please send an email to