Portrait of the WSG member Ines Imdahl. Ms. Imdahl is managing director and owner of the rheingold salon in Cologne.

Ines Imdahl

Ms Imdahl has been working in qualitative market and media research since 1994. She helped to establish the rheingold Institute and made it well known, as she was responsible for marketing in addition to research. In 2010 she founded the rheingold Salon together with Jens Lönneker. Morphological impact research is also the core of this company. It takes up the French salon idea and seeks to integrate the views of media scientists, sociologists and, above all, digital natives into its research. On the one hand, Ines Imdahl focuses on women - after all, they are said to make 80% of all consumer decisions. Her second field is advertising effects research. She wrote columns on this topic for two years in the Handelsblatt and later a book. With the "Message Tuner", the "Cover and Impact Story", Ms. Imdahl developed her own psychological measuring instrument for advertising effectiveness as early as the rheingold Institute days. In the last five years, the main topics have been enriched by many youth studies. Some of these studies are public (For example on ikw-jugendstudie.org). Equally public is the Video impact study by SevenOneMediawhich deals with moving images. Mrs. Imdahl is a speaker on the above mentioned topics at various events. Since five years Mrs. Imdahl moderates and designs together with the lawyer Prof. Dr. Vogel the WDR broadcast "5 traps 2 experts".

Ms. Imdahl enjoys being able to bring in her "own" soul life around her various investigations and tasks. She has been married to Jens Lönneker for over 20 years and has four children. To get good ideas and for relaxation she likes to go jogging. In order to "delay aging a little longer", she treats herself to personal training. Despite the many screens in her everyday life, she enjoys reading "real" books. And Ines Imdahl prefers to celebrate at the Cologne carnival - a heavy loss not to be able to do so in the winter of 2020.

The WSG submitted its questionnaire to Ms. Imdahl and these are her answers:

Ms. Imdahl, what do you wish for the future of the WSG?
That it carries the basic idea of morphological psychology further on the one hand and at the same time becomes more diverse.

Which area or phenomenon of human life should be morphologically investigated?
In almost 30 years of morphological market research, I can think of almost nothing for which there has not already been a study - of course, not all of these are available to the public. I consider myself privileged to have been able to research in this area for so long.

Through which points of contact did you get to know the psychological morphology?
In a crazy sort of way: I wrote to five universities in 1986 asking for content for my studies. Cologne was the only university not to respond. I drove there and ended up at Wilhelm Salber in the lecture. Although I understood little, I knew that this psychology explains to me why people smoke, even though they know that it harms them. This was an answer that philosophy owed me in my advanced course.

Which psychological book do you use from time to time?
Some: "Vom Sinn der Sinne" by Erwin Straus, works by Sigmund and Anna Freud, depending on what the topic is, Von Wilhelm Salber "Märchenanalyse" or "Der Alltag ist nicht grau". And my own book "Advertising on the couch".

Which country would you like to visit one day?
At the time of Corona: almost any, because it is not possible. Otherwise: almost all countries that do not oppress women extremely or do not allow free speech because I do not want to support it. But I am interested in almost every culture.

Gestalt and transformation is the central primal phenomenon of psychological morphology: into whom or what would you like to transform yourself for a day?
To a magician. But I stole this idea from my youngest son, seven years old at the time. He answers the question what he would wish for from a fairy godmother: "To be able to do magic myself". Nothing more to say.

Ms. Imdahl, thank you for your answers.