Watch the video of the lecture of Prof. Dr. Friedrich W. Heubach on November 11, 2019: "Doom of the inner world? ... Progressive Regression? - and other questions about the psychological reality and function of the smartphone".

Since the Wilhelm Salber Library the approx. 80 registered visitors, the event with Prof. Dr. Friedrich W. Heubach was exceptionally held in the Karl Rahner Academy instead. In his lecture, Professor Heubach started out from an observation of everyday life while travelling by train and examined the extent to which the widespread use of smartphones has changed the way people relate to their "inner world". He then asked the question of whether there is a tendency in contemporary society to regress to forms of psychic life long believed to have been overcome, or whether the phenomena observed rather indicate a progressive development. In the ensuing discussion, the smartphone in particular came into the focus of the conversation. A series of questions about life in the contemporary media world emerged from it.