Watch the video with the short lectures of Dipl.-Psych. Werner Pohlmann and Prof. Dr. Dirk Blothner on their "Experiences with translating morphology

About twenty colleagues came to talk about the difficulties that arise when concepts of Psychoanalysis in models of the Psychological morphology and vice versa. Werner Pohlmann reported on his occupation with the concept of "mentalization" (Peter Fonagy et al.) and explained how different the underlying psychological approaches are. It is as if one gets into different "worlds" and the effort of translating is enormous. Dirk Blothner brought in experiences of dialogue with psychoanalytical colleagues who - like him - like to deal with the interpretation of films. The dialogue, which has been going on for eight years now, proved to be difficult and time-consuming, but ultimately fruitful. This is due to the fact that the contemporary Psychoanalysis and the Psychological morphology approach the "summit ascent of film interpretation through different entrances" and necessarily take different routes. The non-understanding, misunderstanding and the mutual devaluation often associated with it are unavoidable and can only be overcome if one remains in dialogue with one another for years.

Non-understanding - as the discussion that followed revealed - is the normal thing, whereas understanding by means of translation is the extraordinary achievement. If they do not want to throw themselves over each other on questions of concept and method, psychologists have to make this effort.