The Wilhelm Salber Society (WSG)

Psychological morphology is a science in development - a concept that focuses on the metamorphoses of mental figures.

The Wilhelm Salber Society (WSG) is a non-profit association for the promotion of the Psychological Morphology founded by Wilhelm Salber. It emerged in spring 2017 from the Society for Psychological Morphology (GPM), founded in 1993, and replaced it. The WSG is an association for all institutions and individuals working in the fields of application of psychological morphology.

The WSG aims to disseminate Wilhelm Salber's work and his psychological and scientific method. It wants to keep his unique view on human soul life, art and culture alive, to promote the further development of psychological morphology and to provide an organizational framework for the professional exchange between psychologists. To this end, it regularly organises conferences, seminars and lectures and supports education and further training in psychological morphology. Last but not least, it promotes this online platform where psychologists can inform themselves and exchange information about new developments and events.

The board of the WSG is elected every two years by the general meeting. The next election will take place in 2021.

First Chairman: Prof. Armin Schulte (Berlin)
- Contact for conferences and congresses -

Substitute: Prof. Dr. Dirk Blothner (Cologne)
- Contact person for anders - Journal of Psychological Morphology, WSG homepage, and "Conversations in the Wilhelm Salber Library"-.

Substitute: Carl Vierboom (Hennef)
- Contact person for new members -

Secretary: Maria Ugarova (Berlin)
- Contact person for seminars and further education -

Treasurer: Carolin Heyer (Berlin)
- Contact person for membership fees and new members -

On behalf of the WSG Board, members moderate the following working groups:

Qualitative research and qualitative scientific work at universities
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Gernot Schiefer, Head of the Competence Center for Qualitative Research at the FOM University of Applied Sciences
Email contact:

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The admission as a member of the Wilhelm Salber Gesellschaft e.V. (WSG) generally requires proof of scientific qualification, but in special cases it can also be granted without it if there is a particular interest in this new type of psychological understanding and treatment.

Psychology students can be accepted as "Associate Members" and pay a reduced membership fee until the completion of their studies.

Admission as a member of the Wilhelm Salber Society is made by the Executive Board. It requires confirmation by the general meeting. The membership fee is currently 100,- Euro per year.

Members of the WSG are regularly informed about the activities of the association, they can participate in its events and have access to an extensive archive of materials on psychological morphology: journals, essays and lectures by Wilhelm Salber, various study templates and investigations.

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