Opportunities for education and training

For thirty years, the psychological morphology was studied by Wilhelm Salber as director and his colleagues at the Psychological Institute II of University of Cologne taught. For many years Cologne was therefore the most attractive place to study psychology in Germany. A long series of empirical examination papers on phenomena of everyday culture, art and film emerged from this period.

Today the psychological morphology is being studied at the Business School Berlin taught in the study courses Business Psychology (B.A.), Media Psychology (M.A.), Business Psychology - focus on Personnel and Organizational Development (M.A.), Sports Psychology / Sports Psychological Consulting (M.A.).

The rheingold academy in Cologne offers a two-year, part-time and part-time compact course of study in morphological market and media psychology. During the course of studies, students have the opportunity to either rheingold Institute or at the rheingold salon to do an internship. The final certificate opens up promising career opportunities in many companies and agencies and in the media sector.

Morphological concepts are at the centre of the training of the Cologne Training Institute for Depth Psychology-based Psychotherapy of the WGI gGmbH to obtain the license required by the state. The training course is mainly taught by members of the WSG working in psychotherapy.

In his Philosophical Workshop offers Dr. Daniel Salber regularly offers workshops on the introduction and deepening of morphology. The radicality of morphological questioning and Salber's didactics also prove themselves in seminars on related thinkers such as Marx, Nietzsche and Kierkegaard. The free workshop is always concerned with the relation of thought to our current historical situation.

Users of psychological morphology

From the research of effect processes in everyday life and art, from investigations into the development of Sigmund Freud's psychology, a separate form of morphological psychotherapy has emerged. It finds its model in art and uses its mechanisms to intensify treatment processes. Morphologically trained psychotherapists have in common that their work with patients is explicitly oriented towards a structural concept of treatment.
The psychotherapists in the list work with the morphological treatment concept:

Dipl.-Psych. Juliana Alon-Krymalowski
Apostelnstraße 14-18
50667 Köln
Tel: 0221 800 35 13

Dipl.-Psych. Doris Bartholomäi-Post
Riehler Straße 21
50668 Köln-Neustadt-Nord
Tel. 0221 12 56 19

Dipl.-Psych. Deniz Baspinar
Riehler Straße 21
50668 Köln
Tel. 0221 130 74 32

Prof. Dr. Dirk Blothner
Zülpicher Straße 83
50937 Köln
Tel. 0221 420 11 38
Mail. dirk@blothner.de

Dipl.-Psych. Iris Blothner
Zülpicher Straße 83
50937 Köln
Tel. 0221 41 82 23
Mail. iris@blothner.de

Dr. Wolfram Domke
Berrenrather Str. 482 A
50937 Köln
Tel. 0221 430 36 22
Fax. 0221 430 36 56
Mail. wolfram@dom-ke.de

Dr. Jürgen Freichels
Berrenrather Str. 482 A
50937 Köln
Tel. 0221 430 36 22
Fax. 0221 430 36 56

Dipl.-Psych. Norbert Häcker
Hauptstr. 145
51465 Bergisch Gladbach
Tel. 0 2202 3 54 03

Dipl.-Psych. Gabriele Klaes-Rauch
Raderberger Straße 184f
50968 Köln
Tel. 0171 54 53 479
Fax. 0221 258 28 05
Mail. G.Klaes-Rauch@D-Psych.de

Dipl.-Psych. Rainer Mannheim-Rouzeaud
Wormser Str. 11
76287 Rheinstetten
Tel. 07242 2577608
Mobil. 0163 7648086
Mail. info@r-mannheim.de

Dr. rer.nat. Jung Nam
Friedrich-Schmidt-Str. 46 a
50933 Köln
Tel. 0221 949 894 13
Fax. 0221 949 694 11

Prof. Dr. Gernot Schiefer
Krämersweg 66
66123 Saarbrücken
Tel. 0681 338 99
Mail. kontakt@gschiefer.de

Psychotherapeutische Praxis Ellen Wolf
Berrenrather Straße 230-232
50939 Köln
Tel. 0221 2994 2589
Mail. info@praxis-ellen-wolf.de

For psychological morphology, units of action that comprise the psychological and the representational are a methodological and theoretical point of reference for understanding products, markets and media.

Morphological market and media research takes a holistic view of interrelationships and uses interviews and descriptions to find out about consumers' actual manners. In addition to unconscious effects, it also takes into account overarching causal relationships of contemporary everyday culture. It examines the "hinterland" from which the movements of the market emerge. Because only if this is known can decisive intervention and change be made.
The companies represented with their company logos work according to the concept of morphological units of action:

The social conditions of production set in motion a wide variety of undertakings where human productions act as the driving force, co-creator, inventor and supporter of the company - far beyond all conscious organisational plans. Of particular interest and decisive for the image of the overall culture are commercial enterprises.

Particularly under the conditions of globalization, human conditions can become a troublemaker that creates resistance, makes unconscious symbols independent and acts as an enemy of corporate goals.
The management and business consultants represented here with their company logos examine and advise business enterprises using morphological concepts: